Sweet, earthy and full of tang- shrubs are also an excellent source of vitamins, probiotics, support your digestion and are naturally low in sugar. At The Sailor we use these to add depth to our cocktails.

Available in two flavours:

Davidson Plum and Vanilla

Tangy, tart with a punch of bright red colour, we added soft, sweet vanilla to this seasonal rarity. The resulting flavour is reminiscent of a traditional cream soda but with a native Australian twist. Delicious in sparkling water or pair with gin.

Mango, Lime & Jalepeno

For the lovers of agave spirits- this shrub was designed to be the perfect complement. Mango smoothes the smokey qualities of mezcal. Lime brightens the piquant nature of tequila. Fresh jalapeno for warmth and base. Serve as a margarita soda with a salted rim, or just a splash in a shot of good spirit, sipped.

Pyewachet's Traditional Shrubs (200ml)

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